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In a perfect world all software would be fully customized - tailored to do exactly what you want in precisely the way you prefer. An embodiment of the way you think and work. In a word, perfect. In another word, expensive! So much for perfection…

Fortunately, having to settle for the merely excellent isn't so bad and there are ways to approach perfection at reasonable cost and maybe even learn something in the process. We can help.

The choice is yours and we can help you make the correct one. No one knows your business better than you. Together, with your insights complimented by our knowledge of information technologies and human resources, we can design and implement a powerful and efficient information technology and management system that will support and nurture your business today and for many tomorrows.

Find The Right Commercial Solution
Commercial software solutions are usually the most economical and fastest to bring into service. Finding the one that is an excellent match for your business, while not strictly a "custom" solution, can be almost as good.

The selection of commercial packages in most business niches is quite large and growing rapidly. Making the effort to identify and analyze the available offerings may uncover a nearly ideal match for your business. Plus, you may even get an added bonus by discovering new approaches and tools developed and proven by others. After all, no one has a monopoly on good ideas.

Enhance The Best Commercial Solution
A thorough review and analysis of commercial software offerings requires detailed attention to underlying architecture. As with a physical structure, software's ability to withstand the test of time rests largely on the quality of its underlying foundation.

Among the many benefits savvy developers using current database and component technologies bring to contemporary software is the ability to integrate specialized features at the software's very foundation. Often, powerful cost effective solutions can be created by building custom components to extend and enhance the features of well-written commercial applications that have been developed using contemporary tools and techniques. Frequently this is the preferred approach since it can provide many of the specialized benefits of a custom solution with most of the cost savings associated with commercial software.

Develop A Custom Solution
It's okay to be different. Sometimes it's outstanding. Even custom enhanced commercial solutions don't work for some applications. These are the situations where the value in customization is most apparent. And there is a lot of value to be had.

The same contemporary database and component technologies we look for in commercial software are the foundation of value-laden custom software. These tools and approaches bring power and efficiency to the development process unavailable with dated legacy techniques. At the same time, they enable the flexibility and integration with mainstream hardware and software required of any application designed for today's needs and tomorrow's growth.

Yes, the absolute costs of custom solutions are always higher, particularly with the invariably present phenomenon we've come to call expectation inflation - "Wow, if it can do that, we can add this too!" Yet, the ability to capitalize on a competitive advantage, usually the force that drives customization, often makes a custom solution the best value of all.